WVD celebrations by World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association (WAVMA).

On 26th April 2014, WAVMA celebrated the WVD 2014 by launching the Fish Welfare Global Dialogue leading into the 1st International Fish Welfare Conference in September 2014.

This webinar was held in celebration of World Veterinary Day and the beginning of a six-month international conversation (the “Fish Welfare Dialogue”) on numerous issues concerning the human-animal relationship with aquatic animals. It introduced current issues ranging from science and philosophy to implementation of the concept in practice, that affect how non-governmental organisations, governments, animal owners and society at large, might view and address the welfare of aquatic animals. Through the webinar is was also provided a number of proposed subject matters to be addressed on the Fish Welfare Dialogue forums.

The aim of Fish Welfare Dialogue is to engage veterinarians, industries, regulators and other stakeholders, throughout the world, in discussions on ethical, practical and science-based alternatives to promote awareness of, and offer for realistic alternatives and approaches for optimal aquatic animal welfare that will benefit industries and society at large.

The free global webinar will be followed by 6 months of web-based discussions and periodic webinars on current thinking on identifiable welfare and other issues, and culminating in an International Fish and Aquatic Animal Welfare Conference (September 2014 in Munich, Germany) to present the current findings and workshops that outline optimal approaches and offer recommendations for implementing these around the world.

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