Balkan floods

Serbia, Bosnia and now parts of Croatia are suffering severe floods, worst in the last 120 years.

Balkan floods Police officers help farmers move pigs from a farm close to the River Sava in Serbia

The aftermath will be devastating, with human casualties, huge number of livestock and other animals dead, lot of complete farms ruined. Veterinarian facilities of our colleagues in flooded areas are damaged. The Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Serbia
brought the extraordinary veterinary sanitary measures. All 12 Serbian Veterinary Institutes and around 300 authorized veterinary practices are engaged. The chain of command is under the Veterinary Directorate.

International Humanitarian aid fund, organized by the Serbian EU Mission in Brussels, is available through the Pay Pal account:

The Veterinary Chamber of Republic of Srpska is collecting aid for veterinarians in the areas affected by the floods. If you want to donate to help in equipment, medicines or money, please contact Veterinary Chamber of Republic of Srpska  by email