Join EFSA’s Scientific Panels

In April 2014, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) launched a call to renew the membership of its Scientific Committee and the following Scientific Panels:

·         Additives and products or substances used in animal feed (FEEDAP)

·         Animal health and welfare (AHAW)

·         Biological hazards (BIOHAZ)

·         Contaminants in the food chain (CONTAM)

·         Dietetic products, nutrition and allergies (NDA)

·         Genetically modified organisms (GMO)

·         Plant health (PLH)

·         Plant protection products and their residues (PPR)

Applications are invited from high-calibre scientists with expertise in: plant health; genetically modified organisms; feedstuffs; animal health and welfare; plant protection; contaminants in the food chain; biological hazards; and nutrition. In addition to the eight Scientific Panels that cover these areas, EFSA is also renewing membership of its Scientific Committee, which is responsible for overarching issues such as harmonisation of risk assessment approaches and new methodologies.

EFSA relies on the expertise and judgement of hundreds of scientists to provide EU decision-makers with the advice they need to protect consumers, animals and plants. The Authority’s Scientific Committee and its Scientific Panels ­are each composed of up to 21 scientists from across Europe and cover a broad spectrum of disciplines. These experts bring an abundance of scientific knowledge, critical thinking and practical decision-making experience to EFSA, ensuring the scientific excellence of the Authority’s advice.

This advice is delivered in the form of scientific opinions, which are published in the EFSA Journal, an open-access, online journal. The EFSA Journal has been accepted for indexation by leading bibliographic databases such as CABI, SciFinder and ISI Web of Science.

The current members of the Scientific Committee and Panels are serving a three-year term of office that is due to expire in mid-2015. The new members will be appointed for the following three-year term starting in July 2015.

Applications should be submitted following the instructions given in the EFSA website by 7 July 2014.

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