Pan-American World Rabies Day 2014 Initiative

After the North American Veterinary Leaders’ meeting of October 2013, a Working Group was set up with the aim to increase rabies awareness in the Americas.

Other goals of the Pan-American Initiative are to broaden and strengthen the Pan-American veterinary professional networks and to help in the fight to stop dog-mediated human rabies in the Americas and the Caribbean island countries.

In the light of the forthcoming World Rabies Day 2014, which takes place on 28th September every year, the Pan-American World Rabies Day Initiative invited 37 North, Central, South American countries and Caribbean island nations to participate in the development of a unified message and to provide links to resources on canine vaccination programs, caution around wildlife (especially bats) and awareness for post-exposure rabies prophylaxis (PEP).

The WG created a Facebook page and put together a donation plan through both the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and the Global Alliance for Rabies Control to assist Haiti with resources for canine vaccination programs.

Please find hereafter the link to the Facebook page of the Pan-American World Rabies Day 2014 Initiative and other useful links: