WVA Continuing Education initiative - 40 online Seminars in November 2014

The World Veterinary Association Initiative aims to revolutionize how all professionals source and study Continuing Education.

40 online Seminars are being organized for the month of November in order to provide Veterinary Associations, Universities, Schools, Colleges, Training Organizations and Publishers with in-depth information about the WVA initiative to create a Global Online Veterinary Education Repository.

The value of Continuing Education is understood by most but finding Continuing Education of value can sometimes be a time consuming and frustrating experience.

Imagine if there was one central place where you could browse all the best online Veterinary Continuing Education courses and select learning that was of genuine interest and practical application.

The World Veterinary Association Continuing Education initiative aims to achieve just that by sourcing Education from Universities, Training Organizations, Individual Experts and other organizations from around the world.

The education repository is to be made available to Veterinary professionals through their Associations. Each Association is able to select the content that is likely to be of greatest interest to their members.

To create this central resource the WVA has entered into partnership with the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA, formerly called Verified Learning). The Veterinary CE resource is already growing fast through existing contributors and the hope is that many will get behind the initiative to create the largest pool of Veterinary Continuing Education in the world.

The WCEA supplies specialist Learning Management Systems including the FREE CE Learning Management System which any Veterinary Expert or Organization can use to upload and supply their education both directly, and through the WVA network (and yes, it is free). When CE is charged for, Authors are encouraged to offer the education for free to trainees in Developing Nations helping to disseminate education from the Developed to Developing Regions.

Veterinary professionals will have a choice of Continuing Education from some of the top universities and leading experts in the world thanks to the World Veterinary Association Initiative.

Please find in the attached document the list of Seminar dates and times. A representative will be in contact to ask if you can attend a seminar. If there is a particular date and time that suits you and your colleagues that you would like to reserve now, please email

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