The WVA GA 2014 took place on 29th November 2014 in Singapore. Around 60 delegates from 30 members associations participated in the WVA GA.

The delegates were informed on the past year activities of the WVA Council, Secretariat and the different Committees and Working Groups. One of the most interesting points on the agenda was the “Future of the WVA – Members perspectives, expectations and needs. Representative from different world regions presented the main veterinary issues in their regions, the members’ expectations from the WVA and how members can contribute to WVA.

With regards to the WVA Communications issue, the delegates were excited to hear about the WVA project with the World Continued Education Alliance (WCEA) to create a Global Online Veterinary Education Repository and expressed their strong support.  The WVA Immediate past president, Dr Tjeerd Jorna announced the new elected WVA Council and the WVA outgoing President, Dr Faouzi Kechrid presented awards to the outgoing Officers and Councillors.

The outgoing President gave a short speech summarizing the last three year of its presidency and handed over the WVA Presidency to Dr René Carlson which will lead the WVA until September 2017. In her first speech as WVA President, Dr Carlson pointed out the need of improving Veterinary Medical Education, Animal Welfare, and promoting the veterinarians’ role in public health; the “One Health” concept. She continued by saying that in order to implement these objectives there is a need to develop more trust with WVA Members and key partners, to be knowledge-based and to have regular and frequent communications with WVA Members, targeted partners, and with the public using a multitude of media forms. 

The WVA new Council will hold its first call conference early in December and will have a first physical meeting on 22-23rd March in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during the 6th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference). Dr Carlson pointed out that her first goal of the new Council is to identify three WVA priorities in order to prepare a strategic and immediate task for the new WVA Council.

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