WVA Priorities 2015-2017

During the last WVA Council meeting on 11-13 March 2015, the WVA Council defined the WVA strategy for the next 1-2 years.

Understanding there are almost unlimited issues of importance, and taking in consideration the input received from WVA Constituent Members and Councillors in the pre-meeting survey, WVA Council narrowed that focus down to Four WVA Priority Issues (plus one):


  • Animal Welfare.
  • Education of global veterinarians to a continually improving competency level
  • Pharmaceutical Stewardship (to include judicious use of medicines and availability of good quality medicines).
  • Zoonotic Diseases (with initial emphasis on Rabies Prevention and Control).

All four of these areas promote better Animal Health and are associated with the One Health concept.

Councillors also identified a 5th area of priority to be WVA Stability and International Partnerships because all of these focused priorities depend on a WVA with sound governance, financial stability, and the ability to collaborate with others on areas of mutual interest and benefit.

WVA believes each priority issue has real value to WVA Members, potential Members, International Partners, and to the global public good for Society.