Celebration of world veterinary Day 2015 by BLS

Bangladesh Livestock society (BLS) celebrate world veterinary day 2015: an exceptional way.

This year world veterinary day theme ‘vector born diseases with zoonotic potential’. For that BLS decided this year celebrating WV Day by involving others people, because all zoonotic diseases will ultimate affect our human. So we aware our general people about zoonotic and vector born diseases, it will perfectly reach our current year veterinary day goal. We all know every youth will be a chance to our future leader. So, if we educate our youth, it will get result in our future generation and it is the perfect investment of a nation.

So, we decide in following way celebrate world veterinary day 2015:

1.      Formal veterinary day rally

2.      Formal veterinary day vaccination camp

3.      Exceptional Immunization program in Meherchondi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh a BLS Ideal village ( all the people and animal immunize by de-worming medicine)

4.      A school student competition ‘How to protect environment free from zoonotic diseases’

5.      Finally a closing ceremony and youth summit that include a day long program with ( The tentative date of closing will 5th May or negotiate with volunteer organizations)

·         Closing rally

·         Volunteer youth exhibition ( narrate their two month veterinary day knowledge sharing)

·         Training about zoonotic  diseases and leadership

·         Seminar on world veterinary day 2015 theme

·         Closing award

·         Cultural evening

The invited guest of world veterinary day celebration 2015 will

1.      Bangladesh, Rajshahi University vice chancellor

2.      Bangladesh, Rajshahi University pro-vice chancellor

3.      Representative of youth ending hunger

4.       Ex- Principal of Barind medical college, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

5.      Mr. Abdullaha, general Manager( Marketing operation), ACI Animal Health

6.      Dr. A. Aziz, Manager, SkF, Bangladesh

7.      University professor

8.      BLS officials

9.      RU, Medical center Physician

10.  BLS President Professor Rtn. Dr. Md. Jalal Uddin Sarder chairs the entire programs.


The closing ceremony sponsored by ACI animal Health and Immunization program courtesy by SKF, Bangladesh

Total 150 register youth, university veterinary students, para vet- nurse, NGOs and Medicine and veterinary representative and BLS members will take part in the whole two month celebration program. A large number of local print and electronic media will focusing the programs.