Nepal Earthquake – Report from Nepal Veterinary Association

The devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April caused widespread destruction and many fatalities.

The Nepal Veterinary Association (NVA) reports more than 4500 human causality and indefinite number of livestock species. The numbers may increase as the rescue operation is on-going

The Nepalese Livestock Department is assessing all the data regarding the livestock losses throughout the country.

WVA is monitoring the situation in Nepal and is in continuing communication with NVA, Global partners and colleagues in order to get a clearer picture regarding the veterinary and animal health situation and to see how to address the immediate and future veterinary needs. 

WVA stands to offer support for the Nepalese Veterinary community and the people of Nepal during this very difficult time. 

Our hearts, our minds and our prayers go out to the people and animals of Nepal, who are suffering and in dire need of help at this time.