World Veterinary Day 2015 - Celebrations in Uganda

The Uganda Veterinary Association celebrated the World Veterinary Day 2015 under the theme vector-borne disease with zoonotic potential by conducting the following activities during the WVD week:

1) Conducted radio talk shows.

2) Sensitized school children about Trypanosomiasis in Tororo District and interested them to study veterinary medicine ( 21-23rd April 2015)

3) We organized a media press release by the State Minister in Charge of Animal Industry on 23rd April 2015.

4) On 23rd April 2015 we held a seminar in college of Veterinary medicine, Animal Resources and Bio-security of Makerere University and was attended by 43 participants. The topics addressed under the theme of vector -borne diseases with Zoonotic potential include the following:

 - An insight into African trypanosomiasis ( by Dr. Jessica Nakayima PhD)

 - Trypanosome infection rates in Tsetse ( Glossina fuscicapies) in communal grazing lands in Mid - Northern Uganda by Dr. Rogers Azabo MSc.

 - The role of veterinarians in Mitigating the Risk Potential of Rift Valley fever in Uganda by Dr. Chris Ayebazibwe PhD.

 - Veterinary Governance: Implications for the Management of Vector-Borne Zoonotics in Uganda by Dr. Dominic Venture Lali Mundrugo -Ogo (MBA), President UVA.

 - Uganda: a hot spot for neglected vector-borne zoonotic diseases by Dr. Joseph Kungu, PhD.

 - The emergence of Rhipicephalus pulcellus ticks on cattle in North- Eastern Uganda: Implications on risks for tick-borne zoonoses,Dr. Richard Alingu, MSc.

5) Running of new paper advertisements as per the attached adverts

7) Celebrating the day in National Livestock Resources Research Institute by doing the following activities:

   - Conducting a public match with school children, veterinary University students, local veterinary staff and the research institute under guidance of a church band.

   - Treating of over 100 heads of cattle against trypanosomiasis and spraying with acaracides

   - conducting speeches by various speakers including the director of the research institute, the president of Uganda Veterinary association, the Chief veterinarian of Uganda and the State Minister of Health in charge of primary healthcare.

  - Holding a party to celebrate the day

  - Covering the event in the media.