The WVD 2015 celebrated by Kurukshetra Veterinary Association, Haryana, India.

The WVA 2015 celebrations event included:

1. Technical Seminar was organized on Vector Borne Zoonotic Diseases Vector Borne Diseases also celebrated the 'World Malaria Day' by organizing a technical seminar on Malaria.

2. Kind of selected activities: Demonstration was given to farmers/villagers to control the vectors on the dairy premises to prevent the vector borne (zoonotic) diseases.

3. Please make a short description of each selected activity using a separate sheet foreach one: Circluated the paplets among farmers/villagers showing the different methods to control mosquitoes, flies, ticks etc. in dairy premises and their surroundings.

4. Give examples of the implementation of the ‘One Health’ Concept using a separate sheet for each one: Joint participation of Veterinarians, Physicians and Mallaria Officers