WVD 2015 celebration by the College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry Mhow, NDVSU Jabalpur (M.P.) India.

College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry Mhow celebrated WVD 2015 on the theme “Vector Borne Diseases with a Zoonotic Potential” some important activities which are as follows:

1.       AWARENESS RALLY:In the morning of 25th April 2015, a rally comprising of students, professors and other staff, started from dreamland square Mhow under the leadership of Dean, Dr. U.K.Garg. The rally, which was flagged off by SDM Shri Vijay Agrawal, to aware the local people regarding “Vector Borne Diseases with a Zoonotic Potential” the theme of the World Veterinary Day 2015 given by World Veterinary Association. In this rally Professors, students and staff were appealing to local people to keep their surroundings clean so that vectors could not propagate. Pamphlet containing the information about zoonotic diseases were distributed to the public of Mhow. Students carrying the posters containing slogans regarding the animal welfare during therally. (Photograph Attached)

2.       Exhibition: A Exhibition were also organized in which charts and posters were displayed containing the information regarding vector borne diseases of zoonotic potential and how to protect society from such diseases. This was appreciated by people of Mhow town and chief guest of the function Shri Vijay Agrawal (SDM, Mhow).(Photograph Attached)


3.       Human Chain: After completion of rally a human chain was formed by all students, professors and staff to convey the message regarding welfare of animals and also the importance of this profession for the welfare of the society. The message regarding theme i.e.  “Vector Borne Diseases with a Zoonotic Potential”was also conveyed to the local people. (Photograph Attached)

4.       Free Vaccination Camp: Free anti rabies vaccination of dogs was performed in the TVCC Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex of college of veterinary science and animal husbandry Mhow. A good number of dogs were vaccinated for the protection of rabies

5.       Scientist lectures: lectures were delivered by the scientist especially from parasitology and microbiology department of the college on the “Vector Borne Diseases”to update the knowledge of students regarding importance of vector borne diseases of zoonotic potential.(Photograph Attached).

6.       Professional Quiz, Painting and essay competition: Quiz,Essay and Painting competition were organized for the students on the selected theme of world veterinary day 2015. Selected participants were awarded.(Photograph Attached).

7.       Veterinary Oath: At the end of the programme students and faculty have taken veterinary oath to serve the society by their professional skill.