WVA and OIE signed a new Cooperation Agreement

On 26th May 2015, the WVA President, Dr René Carlson and OIE Director General, Dr Bernard Vallat signed on the renewed Cooperation Agreement between the WVA and the OIE.


By signing the agreement, the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)agreed to further strengthen their collaboration in particular in the following areas of activities:

·         ONE HEALTH

The key objectives of the OIE-WVA collaboration in this area are to:

(i)           encourage and assist the veterinary profession to communicate and collaborate with the medical profession;

(ii)          help countries to develop and articulate formal collaboration arrangements between human health, veterinary and environmental services; and

(iii)         give specific attention to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and rabies. 


The key objectives of the OIE-WVA collaboration in this area are to:

(i)           promote the key roles of the Veterinary Services, including veterinarians and Veterinary Statutory Bodies, in the fields of animal health, animal welfare, food security and food safety, thereby helping to protect and improve public health;

(ii)          promote the role of veterinarians as well educated professionals, bound by a professional oath, working according to a professional code of conduct and codes of Good Veterinary Practice, licensed and supervised by a veterinary statutory body (or equivalent);

(iii)         promote the prevention and control of animal diseases including zoonoses – and by extension the Veterinary Services – as a Global Public Good;

(iv)        help countries to progressively comply with  the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code and the OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code on the quality of Veterinary Services and Aquatic Animal Health Services.


The key objectives of the OIE-WVA collaboration in this area are to:

(i)           help countries to develop modern veterinary educational facilities, curricula and methods, based on the OIE Recommendations on the Competencies of Graduating Veterinarians (‘Day 1 Graduates’), and the accompanying Veterinary Education Core Curriculum;

(ii)          promote the development of objective and reliable methods for quality assurance in veterinary education and the accreditation of veterinary education establishments.

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