EXPO Milano 2015 – Conference on Animal welfare: a way to preserve diversity and quality in animal productions

WVA Policy Advisor, Dr Zeev Noga was invited to deliver a WVA’s statement on Animal Welfare during the EXPO Milano 2015.

The event aimed at addressing the global challenge of the growing demand for the intensification of livestock production by adopting a "food systems view". This approach considers the triple bottom line of improving the economy, public health and the environment.

Dr Noga said that different factors lead to different levels of AW awareness around the world, and therefore, also to different AW standards on voluntary or regulatory basis and in many countries; no standards. Indeed, there is an improvement in the application of AW standards but still, there is a long way before all world regions will comply with the minimum AW standards. WVA believes that every animal around the world deserves veterinary care! which will improve animal health and welfare and off course the food production. 

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