HealthforAnimals in partnership with WVA - A Survey on Innovation in Animal Health

HealthforAnimals and WVA would like to invite you to take part in a survey on Innovation in Animal Health and to provide your own insight into the animal health sector and its future.

The survey, which will be live until 31st July 2015, can be accessed here:

The animal health sector is formed of a mix of hugely varied people, roles and skill sets, ultimately all working towards the common purpose of improving both animal and human health worldwide.

Historically it is a sector which has seen remarkable innovation, breakthroughs and developments that have shaped the modern world. However, as with any aspect of society there are obstacles which hinder progress; it is important for continued growth and development to clearly establish where these challenges lie, in order to effectively break down these barriers.

In support of this HealthforAnimals has created a survey to establish what those who work within the various areas of the animal health sector believe to be its current status, and to gain their opinion and insight into where the animal health sector can, should and is going.

Keeping the perspective representatively broad, the survey is intended for professionals working within the animal health sector in a variety of different capacities from a veterinary professional, to a manufacturer, to those involved in research.

The HealthforAnimals and WVA would like to encourage you and to thank you very much in advance for filling-in  the Survey on Innovation in Animal Health.