World Dog Day - 26 August 2015

In Celebration Of Man’s Best Friend: HealthforAnimals Launches Interactive Infographic Ahead Of World Dog Day.

Around the world humankind benefits from its relationship with dogs; a truth which is at the core of World Dog Day, celebrated annually on the 26th August.

In recognition and celebration of the age-old union between Man and Dog, HealthforAnimals has created an online interactive infographic, detailing the many valuable roles dogs perform in societies all around the world.

Launched today, the infographic can be viewed on From working dogs on Australian farms to beloved pets in many of our homes, dogs are valued members of the community, who contribute to the betterment of the lives of their human companions.

Outlining several ways in which dogs can assist with health issues, the infographic reinforces the important point that we must in turn care for the health of our canine companions. HealthforAnimals, as the global animal medicines association and a voice for the animal health sector, proudly endorses the One Health Concept, a global initiative which forges collaboration between human and animal health, to achieve better health and wellbeing for all.

Throughout the year, HealthforAnimals will be releasing a stream of educational content including further animations and interactive infographics which span a range of topics. To be the first to hear about this new content, follow HealthforAnimals on Twitter