WVC 2015 - Minister Arzu: “Turkey contributes greatly to World food sector”

The WVC 2015 was opened by Mr. Kutbettin Arzu, the Turkish Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock.

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Kutbettin Arzu, who attended the 32nd World Veterinary Congress, expressed Turkey's great contributions to World food sector with its production of egg, aquaculture, white meat and red meat. 

Minister Arzu stated that the Congress will offer an insight into new developments in veterinary science. Minister Eker added that veterinary medicine carries significant importance not only for animal health but also for food safety, global nutrition and international trade.

Today, Minister Arzu added, veterinary science plays an important role in ensuring environment-friendly development. The Congress aims to handle the progress and struggles over the world. In this sense, it will contribute to professional services and developing standards. Recently, Turkey has made a great progress in economy, as well as in agriculture. Turkey is also a leading country in terms of agricultural export.  

Reporting the wealth of Turkey in livestock production, Minister Arzu drew attention to contributions made by Turkey in animal products. Minister Arzu also mentioned about the issues such as district directorates and institutes of the Ministry, food security, food waste in the world, importance of animal health and welfare.  

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