New WVA Councillor for Latin America Region

Dr Joe Alejandra Vargas Blanco replaced Dr Guilherme Costa as the WVA Councillor for Latin America Region.

Dr Guilherme Costa decided to resign from the position of WVA Councillor for Latin America due to very busy schedule as Vice-Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Executive Committee. The WVA President offered this position to Joe Alejandra Vargas Blanco from the Colegio de M├ędicos Veterinarios de Costa Rica (she arrived third in the 2014 elections for this position). Dr Vargas Blanco promptly accepted to represent the Latin America Region at the WVA. The WVA welcomes Dr Vargas Blanco to the WVA Council and wishes her a successful term as WVA Councillor for Latin America.