WVA InfoNews - April 2013

WVA Presidents Assembly 2013

The WVA is happy to announce that the WVA Presidents Assembly (PA) 2013 will take place on Thursday 19th September 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic during the World Veterinary Congress 2013.

The PA will be followed by the WVA 150 year’s celebration event.

Very important points on the PA agenda are the vote for the new constitution and by-laws as well as a new set of rules for the future World Veterinary Congress.

The official invitation letter, the draft agenda and the registration forms will be sent to all WVA members soon.

WVA EXCOM Activities

WVA EXCOM: On 5th April 2013, the WVA EXCOM held a meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. The reason behind going to Istanbul was the meeting with the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association, organizers of the WVC 2015. The EXCOM also inspected the Lütfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre where the WVC will take place on 13-16 September 2015.

The WVA would like to thank to the TVMA for the warm and kind hospitality in the wonderful city of Istanbul.

WVA visit at the FAO

On 12th April 2013, the WVA Secretariat (Jan Vaarten and Zeev Noga) visited the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and held several meetings with the Veterinary Animal Health and Public Health Officers. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss possibilities for joint activities in the frame of the MoU between FAO and WVA which was signed in 2009. Following  productive discussions, the two organizations agreed on number of action points which will be worked out in the near future.

WVA Awards  

The deadline for sending applications for the World Veterinary Day Award and for the John Gamgee Award is approaching quickly: 1st May 2013.

The WVA encourages its members to submit their applications and wishing success to all candidates.