World Antibiotic Awareness Week 14-20 November

The WVA is celebrating the World Antibiotic Awareness Week that takes place on 14-20 November. Please find here attached the WVA position paper on Responsible Use of Antimicrobials.

  • The use of antimicrobials in animals may contribute to development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • Adherance to the basic principles of this policy should reduce the development and prevalence of AMR resulting from antimicrobial use in animals
  • As a result, effectiveness of antimicrobials for use in animals and humans can be retained
  • The WVA encourages each country to have an appropriate regulatory system for licensing or registration and control of veterinary drugs
  • The Global Basic Principles of Antimicrobial Use include the following recommendations:
  1. Decisions regarding limitation or control of antimicrobial use should be based on risk:benefit analysis
  2. Antimicrobials that are important in human medicine should only be used in animals under veterinary care within a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship
  3. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing is an important element of responsible antimicrobial use. This includes testing of individual cases and also regional monitoring and reporting
  4. Effective alternatives to antimicrobials are needed and innovation in this area is encouraged.