“The Cattle Plague; with Official Reports of The International Veterinary Congresses, held in Hamburg, 1863, and in Vienna, 1865”

As we at the WVA prepare for the 33rd World Veterinary Congress, this August in Korea, we invite you to take a look back, and to celebrate with us how far our veterinary collaboration has come.

 We are excited to share this book, written by the Founder of the 1st International Veterinary Congress, Professor John Gamgee.  It is a first-edition copy of his 1866 work, “The Cattle Plague” from the archives of the University of Edinburgh, and includes official reports from the first two International Veterinary Congresses (Hamburg 1863 and Vienna 1865). Since this volume’s original publication, our Congresses have grown to merit a change in title from International to World; and we have witnessed the 2011 eradication of the cattle plague, Rinderpest, which caused such devastation in the past. 

We hope you enjoy viewing this book, and we look forward to our future cooperative successes.