The WVA and the Spanish Veterinary Association present WVAC2018 to King Felipe VI

On 16th November 2017, representatives of WVA and the Spanish Veterinary Association presented the 34th World Veterinary Association Congress to King Felipe VI of Spain.

His Majesty thanked the WVA for his appointment as Honorary President of the 34th and expressed his interest in opening the congress.

His Majesty, King Felipe VI, demonstrated a deep knowledge of the work of Spanish veterinarians and welcomed the WVA’s decision to hold the 34th WVAC in Spain for the second time, ​​recalling the 15th WVC that took place in Madrid in 1959.

Dr Johnson Chiang, WVA President, informed His Majesty about the WVA and its activities representing around half a million veterinarians around the world. The WVA President presented the objectives and the program of WVAC2018.

Dr Juan José Badiola, SVA President, informed the king about the theme of the congress, “caring for animals = caring for our planet”, and emphasized the importance of the One Health Concept that recognizes that animals and people share the same natural environment and, therefore, health problems must be approached from a common perspective.

The 34th World Veterinary Association Congress will take place in Barcelona, Spain from the 5th to 8th May 2018 under the Honorary Presidency of the Spanish Royal House.