1st General Assembly of the International Bourgelat Committee

The International Bourgelat Committee (IBC) has been established in Paris, on Monday May 21st 2012, on the occasion of the General Session of OIE.

1st General Assembly of the International Bourgelat Committee Dr C.GRANDMONTAGNE (France), Mr. H. MAHMOUDI (Iran), Dr C. WANGA (Kenya), Dr F. KECHRID (Tunisia), Dr K. DOYLE (Australia), Dr B. FORTES DE ARRUDA (Brazil), Dr R. DeHaven (USA), Dr L. GNAHO (Benin) and Pr J.-F. CHARY (France)

Under the terms of its statutes, the Association has the following objective: “the inventory and preservation of the tangible and intangible scientific and cultural veterinary heritage and its mediation to the widest possible public."

The first Ordinary General Assembly of the IBC took place on Monday, May 27th 2013 in Paris, once more on the occasion of the General Session of the OIE. Brazil, Kenya, France, Iran, Tunisia and USA were represented. Representatives of Australia, Benin and Sudan were invited.

After a welcoming address by the President of IBC and by the Director General of the OIE, the draft of the International and of the National Websites has been presented and discussed. They will be definitively adopted at the end of June after the last observations. They will be officially opened at the beginning of next December, on the occasion of the third World Conference on Veterinary Education in Brazil.

A new Executive Committee has been nominated:

-President: Ron DEHAVEN (USA).

-Vice-President: Benedito FORTES DE ARRUDA (Brazil) and Faouzi KECHRID (Tunisia).

-General Secretary: Jean-François CHARY (France).

-Treasurer: Claude GRANDMONTAGNE (France).

The objective of IBC is to have 12 members in December 2013 and at least 20 in May 2014.

At the opening of the meeting: 

Professor J.-F. CHARY, founding President, 

Doctor B.VALLAT, Director General of the OIE and 

Doctor F. KECHRID, President of the WVA.

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