WVA EXCOM Activities

On 22nd July 2013, the WVA EXCOM held a meeting in Chicago, USA. The meeting was held in Connection with the AVMA annual convention, where the AVMA celebrated its 150th anniversary.

The EXCOM members attended different veterinary sessions and participated in 2013 Global Health Summit: Veterinary Futures – the world as our practice.

The main discussions of the EXCOM meeting focused on the preparation of the upcoming WVA Presidents Assembly meeting on 19 September in Prague.

During its meeting, the EXCOM members met the AVMA President, Dr Clark Fobian and exchanged views with him about future collaboration related to “one health” issues.

In addition, a WVA delegation visited slaughterhouse and meat processing facilities near Chicago in order to learn about their veterinary way of working. 

The WVA would like congratulate AVMA for its 150th Anniversary and to thank AVMA for the warm and kind hospitality in the city of Chicago.