WVA Celebrates the World Animal Day

The World Veterinary Association recognizes October 4 as World Animal Day for the importance of animals in enhancing the quality and richness of human lives.

Animals play an important part in all of our lives - from companionship, search and rescue, helping people with disabilities, providing food and clothing, transportation and in the development of new scientific knowledge and advancements for human and veterinary medicine. They also play an irreversible role in our ecosystems globally.

Let World Animal Day remind each of us that animals enrich the lives of human beings everywhere and that all animals should be treated humanely and with compassion and respect during their lifetimes, whatever their role in our lives.

The WVA Position on the Role of the Veterinarian in Animal Welfare cites important guidelines for improving the welfare of all animals.

The WVA Declaration of Incheon on the Role of the Veterinary Profession in One Health and EcoHealth Initiatives cites important guidelines for veterinarians working as knowledgeable consultants and guardians of EcoHealth, on which the health and well-being of animals and humans are dependent.