New WVA Council to lead the global veterinary profession tackling global veterinary concerns

On 7th April 2020, the new-elected WVA Council began its 2-year mandate under the leadership of the new WVA President, Dr. Patricia Turner, to bring the global veterinary profession together

to promote the role of the veterinary profession, to tackle ongoing and emerging veterinary and public health concerns, to foster improvements and harmonization in veterinary education around the world, and  to raise awareness about key animal welfare issues.  The new WVA Council was elected by the WVA Constituent Members to represent over 500,000 veterinarians through the WVA member associations across six continents.  

During her address to the General Assembly, Turner commented, “…These past few months of dealing with the global SARS CoV-2 pandemic have shown us just how important it is to come together, as veterinary professionals, to share information amongst ourselves to keep veterinarians resilient and safe and businesses solvent, to support our clients and ensure good care and well-being of all animals, to ensure that veterinarians are recognized as providers of essential services…, and to use our knowledge and training in infectious diseases to support public health messaging and efforts in our communities and around the world.”

The WVA is the veterinary profession global platform to act together! Please reach out to your regional Councillors to explore how to become more involved with the WVA and its priorities areas. Together we can make the global veterinary profession better and stronger for the benefit of all animals and society.

On behalf of the WVA Members and the global veterinary community, we would like to congratulate the new WVA Council members and to wish them a successful term serving the global veterinary profession.