DareToCare - Animal Welfare Podcast for Veterinary Students

2019 WVA/Ceva Animal Welfare Award recipients join together to create an animal welfare-centric podcast for veterinary students.

When two recipients of the WVA/Ceva 2019 Animal Welfare Award met in Costa Rica during the 2019 World Veterinary Association Congress, they quickly realised their shared passion not only for animal welfare, but also for veterinary students.

These two 2019 AWA recipients, Ms. Aimée Lieberum (student recipient) and Dr. Anette van der Aa (European recipient), pondered over how they could create a useful animal welfare resource for veterinary students. Their idea? Create a podcast – perfect for study breaks!
The animal welfare podcast – DareToCare – was just recently launched, and is available for download on major podcast-streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The aim of the podcast series is to bring in experts from different backgrounds and to thereby raise awareness on different animal welfare issues. They also aim to provide students with inspiration and information on possible career paths connected to animal welfare.

“It is a time intensive hobby, but we both really enjoy doing it“– is their verdict after being online for about 3 months.

You can listen to a variety of podcasts in English or German at:

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