IVA Kerala Selected as Winner of 2020 World Veterinary Day Award

On April 25th 2020, veterinary professionals around the world celebrated World Veterinary Day.

World Veterinary Day is celebrated annually on the last Saturday of April to recognize the work of veterinarians and their contributions to the advancement of animal health, welfare, and public health worldwide. The World Veterinary Association (WVA) and HealthforAnimals worked together to organize the 2020 World Veterinary Day Award to reward the most successful contribution by members of the veterinary profession on the selected annual theme: Environmental Protection for Improving Animal and Human Health. 

As an integral component of the One Health tripartite and advocates for the One Health concept, veterinarians know that environmental, human, and animal health are inextricably linked. Negative changes to the environment complicate the prevention and control of a growing number of public health threats at the human-animal-ecosystem interface. Veterinarians have the responsibility as well as opportunity to safeguard our environment for future generations through better animal and public health. Their actions help mitigate the effects of climate change, ensure proper disposal of medical waste, and support responsible use of natural resources (such as water and feed) necessary in raising livestock and maintaining livelihoods.

The WVA and HealthforAnimals received several project submissions from Member Associations around the world, each one highlighting impressive work by veterinarians in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability. The candidates were assessed based on their ability to raise awareness of the 2020 WVD theme and advance the underlying goals.

After careful consideration of the materials submitted by all applicants, we are delighted to announce the winner of the 2020 Word Veterinary Day Award:


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