Global Veterinary Seminar on Animal Welfare: Panel discussion

On 17 September 2013, during the Global Veterinary Seminar on Animal Welfare, a high level of panel discussion was held.

The panel was moderated by the Dean of the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht, Netherlands, with the participation of Andrea Gavinelli (European Commission), Daniela Battaglia (FAO), David Bayvel (WSPA), Duane Landals (WVA), Franck Berthe (EFSA), Gail Golab (AVMA), Gideon Br├╝ckner (OIE), Jan Vaarten (FVE).

The main question was:
Are Veterinarians the shepherd or the sheep regarding animal welfare?

One of the main conclusion was that the veterinary profession should be the shepherd but with close collaboration with all the other professions.