Global Veterinary Seminar on Animal Welfare – Summary

Today, Animal Welfare matters to humans as well as to the animals themselves. Veterinarians are expected by society to look after AW. This leads to both challenges and opportunities for vets.

On 17-18th September 2013, the WVA together with the European Commission Services organized a Global Seminar on Animal Welfare.

Please find attached to this article a short summary of the seminar which include also the links to the seminar’s presentations.

One of the main outcome of the seminar was the importance to keep “alive” the debate between the organizations that contributed to this event (AVMA, EFSA, European Commission, FAO, FVE, OIE, WSPA, WVA and others).  After the seminar, the WVA and the European Commission representative agreed to organize a panel discussion via webinar session in mid-2014, in order to follow up the Global Veterinary Seminar on Animal Welfare.