WSAVA/OIE Symposium on One Health: Rabies and Other Disease Risks from Free-Roaming Dogs’,

On 5-6th November 2013, the WVA President and WVA Policy Officer attended the WSAVA/OIE Symposium on One Health which was held in OIE headquarters in Paris, France.

Speakers from around the world shared their experiences of managing free-roaming dog populations, the welfare of free-roaming dogs, Rabies and other diseases such Canine Leishmaniosis and Bertonellosis. Successful experiences of rabies control from Asia and Africa showed that Rabies is 100% preventable disease and vaccination of 70% of the dog population may lead to rabies eradication in dogs.

The outcome of the meeting is a WSAVA-OIE joint statement which sets out the course of action that is required to make real progress in rabies control.