The MAH-IVSA Scholarship & Travel Grant Program

To promote the global exchange of ideas and culture, and to improve veterinary education worldwide, IVSA provides annual grants for individuals to gain international experience.

Through the MAH-IVSA Scholarship & Travel Grant Program, IVSA annually provides between 50 and 100 scholarships of $500-$2000 for veterinary students to use for their educational needs, such as traveling abroad to gather valuable experience with veterinarians in a different country to their own. Through these self-built or provided programs, student members are able to obtain valuable knowledge and training in a different perspective to their local backgrounds.

The Grant Program is primarily aimed at supporting students who would otherwise not be able to afford such an experience. Student members of IVSA from Asia, Latin-America, Africa, Oceania and Europe may apply for the Grant Program. IVSA strives towards a fair distribution of scholarships between these continents. Student members of IVSA from other countries than those specified above can email the DAD for more information about other grant programs available to them.

Please remember that several national veterinary students associations may pay your fees on your behalf (for example A.V.S. and D.S.K.). If you are not sure if you are an IVSA members through your international association, please check with your national association if this is the case, before applying for individual membership.

Provided programs

Combining externships with an IVSA Congress or Symposium
It is possible to combine an externship with the annual IVSA Congress or Symposium and thus also gain funding to attend these IVSA events. If you are interested in such a project, you can get in touch with the DAD or OC for more information on the possibilities. Requesting a combined project with attendance of an IVSA event must be indicated in the covering letter (see below).

How to apply

If you are a member of IVSA and are thinking of, or planning on doing a project  of a minimum of 4 weeks abroad, you are of course very much welcome to apply for the Grant Program by filling out the Application Form! The form can be found through the following link:

☞ Online Application

There will be two application periods each year in which you can apply for this grant, so keep an eye on the IVSA media to find out when the application period starts!

In addition to filling out the form provided, you will need to attach the following things:
- A covering letter, which explains what your goals are and what your past veterinary related work experience is. Also include information about the flexibility (or lack of it) of your schedule for the time period you request. If you require assistance in acquiring a short term visa, you must also add this information to your covering letter.
- A draft of your budget, which states what you think your expenses will be and what you are going to use the money for.
- Two reference letters from teaching staff at your university, explaining why they think you should receive this grant.

Once the application period is over, the Executive Committee will decide together which students will be awarded scholarships. Once this decision has been made, recipients will of course receive a notice of this. Students that are not selected will also receive notice.

Recipients are required to submit a short report on their experience to the DAD no later than 6 weeks after their project has finished. Students from Latin-America will additionally be required to organize a small IVSA event at their school on return to their country, such as a lecture evening, to promote IVSA and the Grant Program. You can get in touch with the DAD for help with this.

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