News in 2013

Seasonal Greetings from WVA Council and secretariat

WVA meeting with South American Veterinary Associations

3rd OIE Global Conference on Veterinary Education and the Role of the Veterinary Statutory Body

2nd WVA Global Summit – Summary

WSPA - Response to super typhoon Haiyan

Doctor Honoris Causa for WVA President, Dr Faouzi Kechrid

Helping Philippine Animal Victims - American Veterinary Medical Foundation

Obituary – James Harlan Steele 1913-2013

WSAVA/OIE Symposium on One Health: Rabies and Other Disease Risks from Free-Roaming Dogs’,

4th Chinese Veterinary Congress

Global Veterinary Seminar on Animal Welfare – Summary

WVA Revised Leaflet

KVMA Congress 2013

World Veterinary Congress 2013 - Proceedings and Abstracts

Joint FAO, OIE and WHO Statement on elimination of rabies

World Rabies Day 2013

John Gamgee Award 2013 for Outstanding Contributions to Veterinary Science and the Veterinary Profession

World Veterinary Congress 2013 - Pictures


New WVA governance rules

2nd WVA Summit: Global well-being - a partnership of Animal and Human Health

Global Veterinary Seminar on Animal Welfare: Panel discussion

WVA and WSPA signed Memorandum of Understanding.

The 31ste World Veterinary Congress opened its doors!

International veterinary scientific conference in Turkmenistan 6-7 September 2013

Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association parleys with British Veterinary Association

WSPA Protects animals through the next generation of vets

Global Veterinary Seminar on Animal Welfare


12 Days to the World Veterinary Congress 2013

New WVA Leaflet

WVA President’s visit in Angola for the preparation of the 5th African Veterinary Association Congress

World Veterinary Association Position on Control of Inappropriately Aggressive Dogs

Joint WVA/WAVMA Policy on Statutory and Regulatory Authority for Aquatic Veterinary Medicine

WVA Presidents Assembly 2013

World Veterinary Congress 2013

Memorandum of Understanding with International Dairy Federation

WVA EXCOM Activities

1st General Assembly of the International Bourgelat Committee

Conference on Tangible & Intangible Veterinary Heritage & Hill Committee Logo Unveiling Ceremony

World Veterinary Congress 2013: Scientific Programme & invitation

WVA InfoNews - July 2013

World Veterinary Congress 2013

AVMA offers expert tips to reduce dog bites…no matter where your hometown ranks

Fifteen day Program to Celebrate World Veterinary Day-2013

WVA InfoNews - May 2013

WVA InfoNews - April 2013

5 weeks until World Veterinary Day

WVA InfoNews - March 2013

WVA InfoNews - February 2013

WVA InfoNews - January 2013