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Fear of mass rabies outbreak in Europe due to war in Ukraine

The national veterinary profession organizations from Central and Eastern Europe, took part in the spring meeting of the Visegrad Vet Plus Group, held in Kołobrzeg, Poland, on May 13, 2023, and approved a position statement calling for action to help Ukraine in managing the problem of rabies.

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WVA and WOAH sign new MoU

WVA and the World Organisation for Animal Health renewed their long standing partnership with the signature of a new Memorandum of Understanding. The signature took place in Paris, France, on the 23rd of May during the WOAH Annual General Session.

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The World Veterinary Association Congress 2023 in Taipei – a great success

Taipei City, Taiwan, was a wonderful host to the 38th World Veterinary Association Congress between the 26 and 29 of April. The WVA is proud of partnering with the Taiwanese Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) to organise this event.

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Environment, One Health and Gender by Dr Natalia Cediel

Dr Natalia Cediel, from the One Health High-Level Expert Panel provided the WVA with a presentation on her views on ‘Environment, One Health and Gender’ in celebration of the World Veterinary Day 2023.

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Humans, animals and environment

One Planet – One Health

I want to welcome you to access the World Veterinary Association website. In it, we want to show who we are and what we do to be the voice of the global veterinary medicine. We want to be recognized, respected and trusted to influence worldwide in our task to improve animal health, animal welfare, public health and the environment, in short, for the good of humanity, animals and our planet.

The WVA is a federation of veterinary associations based on the respect for diversity that makes us stronger. Mutual collaboration and solidarity are our signs of authenticity. And science, education and advocacy are the instruments to achieve our goals.

For a global association like ours, communication is essential. But this communication must be bidirectional, so I want to encourage you, dear guest, to send us your ideas through our contact section or any other way.

Thank you for the time you spend visiting our website, now and in the future.”

Dr. Rafael Laguens, WVA President

WVA Position Statements

One Health One Health

15 Mar 2023

WVA Position Statement on One Health Education

WVA recognizes that the One Health concep should be present in veterinary education. WVA encourages veterinary schools to conduct a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach with a One Health mind-set throughout the curriculum.

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Animal Welfare Animal Welfare

20 Jan 2023

WVA Position Statement on Pain Management in Farmed Animals

Appropriate pain recognition and management is critical for improving the welfare of farmed animals. The WVA calls on its members to advocate for better protections for farmed animal welfare in their country or region.

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Animal Welfare Animal Welfare

20 Jan 2023

WVA Position Statement on the Humane Care of Animals in Biomedical Research

Humane Care of Animal Used in Biomedical Reserarch

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General General

24 Aug 2022

WVA Policy Statements

The purpose of an organisation is defined by its Mission, Vision and Goals. To achieve them, there is a need for a coherent set of decisions and actions with common long-term objectives, relevant to the Veterinary Profession worldwide. WVA devises its policies as a projected program comprising desired objectives and the means to achieve them.

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