Internal Procedures

WVA Activity Report 2021-2022

Over the past year, the WVA focused its efforts on adapting the association work to the global pandemic situation, implementing the new WVA strategic plan, clarifying internal operations processes, and increasing association visibility through global projects and virtual events. The WVA is revising the communication strategy, exploring ways to enhance the association’s finances to become more sustainable and engaging in new partnerships.

WVA Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025

In March of 2020, the WVA Council adopted the WVA Strategic Planning Working Group’s (SPWG) proposal for the 2020 – 2025 WVA Strategy. Understanding there are limitless issues of importance, and taking into consideration the input received from Constituent Members, key partners, and the WVA Council in the pre-meeting surveys, the WVA elected to focus on four priority areas:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Pharmaceutical Stewardship
  • Veterinary Education
  • One Health

WVA Constitution and Bylaws

The World Veterinary Association (WVA) Constitution and Bylaws defines the structure of the Association, including membership categories, officer structure, governing bodies, and meetings.

Administrative Procedures Manual of the World Veterinary Association

The World Veterinary Association (WVA) Administrative Procedures Manual (APM) lays down procedures to be followed by the Association, its Governing Bodies, Member Organizations and Secretariat, in carrying out the activities and fulfilling the goals of the Association as laid down in the WVA Constitution and ByLaws.