Ceva Global Animal Welfare Award

Since 2017, the WVA and Ceva Animal Health have partnered to prepare the Global Animal Welfare Awards to recognise veterinary champions in Animal Welfare at the global level, showcasing their daily dedication to protect and improve the well-being of animals. The AWA awards allow the WVA and Ceva to raise awareness and understanding about best practices in animal welfare with concrete and inspiring examples to engage others to protect and improve the welfare of animals around the world.

The official award ceremony for the 9 Global Animal Welfare Awards 2021 was held during the 37th World Veterinary Association Congress in Abu Dhabi, UAE to present the awards to 6 veterinarians, a veterinary student, a veterinary nurse and the University of Veterinary Medicine. During the ceremony, short videos were presented highlighting the work of each of the award recipients in their respective fields under a single common goal – improving the welfare of animals.

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