MSD Veterinary Student Scholarship

The MSD Animal Health/WVA Veterinary Student Scholarship Program is designed to aid students in their scholastic development and enable them to continue their education by offering direct financial support. Applications were assessed based on academic achievement, engagement of students with their desired career path, leadership potential, and letters of support from their universities.

In 2021 for the 5th scholarship program, more scholarships than ever were made available to aid veterinary students around the world due to the rising number of excellent applications. After careful evaluation of the applications received, 80 veterinary students were selected from 47 different countries in Latin America, Africa, North Africa/Middle East, and Asia/Oceania to receive a scholarship of 2,500 US Dollars in recognition of their academic achievements and to aid in the development of their academic and future veterinary careers. MSD Animal Health and the WVA are delighted to contribute to the advancement of the global veterinary community through the empowerment of veterinary students. 

The 6th MSD Animal Health/WVA Veterinary Student Scholarship Program will be launched in the summer of 2022.