Veterinary Paraprofessionals Project

The WVA in partnership with EuFMD (FAO unit) and HealthforAnimals are working on a 3-year joint project “Sustainable Business through Training for Veterinary ParaProfessionals”

This project aims at the reinforcement of veterinary service provision systems through improved capacity of Veterinary Paraprofessionals (VPP) to deliver animal health service.

The project will evaluate and provide a model for sustainable VPPs in which competency acquisition is a gateway to recognition and increases access to new business opportunities in the “last mile” delivery of 15 quality-assured animal health services. This will be accomplished by a competency-based training system, in line with OIE Guidelines, allied to a digital engagement strategy supporting recognition and business development in the animal health care services marketplace. Through its worldwide network, the WVA assists in the project through positive interactions between its memberships and the VPPs representatives in countries in Africa, helping to shape the design of the national VPP development from a frequently competitive one into a collaborative one. The WVA will support the training and VPP business support activities through its access to a range of expertise. 

In 2021, after an extensive review of the short-listed countries, three final pilot countries were selected: South Africa, Nigeria and Uganda. In these countries, national teams have been formed and started to work on finetuning competency frameworks.

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