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Samsun Turkey

Ondokuz Mayis University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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EAEVE European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education

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Degree: Veteriner Hekim (VH) Recognition status: EAEVE Website:  Our faculty, with Cabinet decision No. 95/7515, was established on 11/14/1995. Higher Education Council Executive Committee meeting dated 06.26.2001 with the faculty of the department was created in three sections and 19, dated 12.24.2004 by the decision of the Executive Board established two more divisions of the department has reached number 21. S. �?. Hakan on 3/7/2003 with MU?LA appointed as founding dean, successfully carried out four years to resign from his post on 09.05.2007 due on 06.22.2007 s. Retrospective UMUR has been appointed as dean. Initially Faculty of Mathematics Department allocated a unit faculty establishment work has been started, 12.01.2004 at Faculty of Medicine, allocated Basic Sciences building moved to the education and services started to work. Our faculty in the 2003-2004 academic year began, and the following year in terms of preference, 17 had risen to fifth place among the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and is currently ranked in fifth place and has not changed. Our goal is to get a higher rank among the top three schools to enter. Our faculty is to build international relationships, academics and student exchange programs to be accredited to participate more effectively in order Veterinary Education Institutions of the European Union in May 2008 (EAEVE: European Association of Establishment for Veterinary Education) has become a member. ERASMUS our students, internships, etc.. international exchange programs are an effort to steer. In this context one of our students Italy, two of our students in Germany, two of our faculty members have gone to Poland. To make the new agreement, more students and academic staff are continuing to post. National exchange program just begun under the Farabi, the five university faculties of our agreement (the Tigris, Erciyes, Kirikkale, Selcuk, Centenary) are, for the new agreement are continuing. The first graduates of a faculty in the academic year 2007-2008, we increased the number of our students because of the quota increase and the total number of students reached 332'ye with optional preparatory classes. Number of our academic staff, nine professors, 12 associate professors, assistant professors, and seven of 35 from the Institute staff to reach the 70 to 14 was a research assistant. Appointment of four faculty members in development. Available on our faculty from 21 departments at nine medical and six graduate training started, two of our department is also awaiting approval from the Higher Education Board. To date, four doctor, two graduate students have graduated, currently has 16 doctoral and three of our graduate students. In short, our faculty academic life, with dozens of international conferences and attended two conferences have hosted a panel, with a variety of vocational courses, workshops, summer schools and scientific events have been organized. Our faculty is still an SPO, TUBITAK and 3 over 30 (the total number of projects supported 84), the University continues to support our project. The number of publications, development of infrastructure and academic staff has increased rapidly in parallel with the academic staff are involved in national and international meetings. Histology Laboratory, Department of Genetics and excluding our 11 laboratory infrastructure has been completed and put into service. Due to limited opportunities for additional budget, deficits are trying to complete more projects. Our faculty has an area of 5000 m2 construction of animal hospital services will be the end of this year. ACQUIRED TITLE Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, five years (10 semesters) training period of at least 230 credits (300 ECTS) course with a 6 and 8 The final workday 20'?er students who successfully complete their summer internships, with a Masters degree are eligible to receive the title of Veterinarians. Educational and professional purposes Faculty of veterinary education programs, graduates of the professional knowledge, skills and ethical behavior and the achievements gained in practice to be able to target. Each student, appropriate physical examinations at the end the program, using laboratory and other diagnostic techniques, patient / disease status, and must document set. The most appropriate treatment plan for patients with clinical priorities in line, before the beginning of life-threatening statements, freely able to identify and obtain the approval of this plan with the condition of patients able to apply. The solution of health problems, protection from disease and ill treatment by the medical team working in concert with team members able. Animal and human health protection, with the rational breeding of the species should be able to implement nutrition programs. Follow current medical information be able to transfer their applications, be able to contribute to production of new knowledge. The profession of veterinary medicine requires knowledgeable, ethical, reliable, honest and enlightened people must gain the structure they possess these qualities and have patient-veterinarian, veterinarian, veterinarians and other people-be able to show relationships. MISSION Have sufficient knowledge, ethics based on values, social responsibility awareness developed, intelligent, creative, productive, and the world's latest developments following can the national and global problems can detect and solutions and Ataturk's principles and reforms related to veterinarians and researchers to raise the national and global problems solutions able to develop the country and universal science that will contribute to the development project to produce and to do original research, geared towards the needs of society and environment, high standards, quality, reliable and fast service is provided. VISION Education, research and services in the areas of domestic and overseas renowned contemporary, participants, staff and students are heard and honored to be preferred to a veterinary school. ? Principles (Core Values) �?� adherence to Ataturk's principles and revolution �?� Diligence, perseverance and determination �?� Honesty and transparency �?� Task awareness �?� Innovation and creativity �?� Social responsibility 1) in the field of veterinary medicine to public health and animal health, preventive medicine is the most important goal. Therefore, subject to priority, diagnosis and treatment of the medical profession requires knowledge, skills and behaviors, but with a 2) Developing the scientific process to follow, and he can apply the methods and knowledge to produce new features, 3) requires the art of medicine by providing quality health services to protect animal and public health and development so dedicated, 4) Responsible, professional ethics and principles related to environment friendly, social features, developers, community leaders and layers of harmony with nature; 5) the ability to think independently and scientifically, and they all have the power to express the social environment, 6) Ataturk's principles and revolution and national independence and the integrity it fosters, the intended future foreseen can and stop the way without a great faith and energy can work, the horizon a broad worldview with a veterinarian to train. Read more ...


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