38th World Veterinary Association Congress 2023

26 Apr - 29 Apr 2023

Taipei, Taiwan

WVA and the Taiwan Veterinary Medical ASsociation

On behalf of the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and the Taiwan Veterinary Medical Association, it is a pleasure and an honour to announce and invite you to the 38th World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC2023) that will take place in Taipei, Taiwan, on April 26-29, 2023.

During three days, the Congress will have night themes: small animals, avian & exotic animals, swine, equine & bovine, aquatic animals, laboratory animals, animal welfare, public health, and innovation. Over 90 leading international speakers will cover 22 fields of interest and 100 topics. Applying, at the same time, an integrated perspective on cross-cutting subjects, such as One Health, veterinary education, pharmaceutical administration, environmental protection and animal welfare, matters of paramount importance for all areas of the profession.

The WVAC2023 will provide a unique experience for veterinarians worldwide to come together to explore the challenges of the veterinary profession through the exchange of knowledge and dialogue across all veterinary disciplines, to find solutions where possible and to demonstrate the value of the global veterinary community as a public good in a changing world.

In this Congress, the veterinary industry will have an excellent platform for promoting innovation and the best products that help improve the services provided by veterinary medicine to society.

“All life is precious” is the motto of this exciting event because all life is interconnected, interdependent and vital to achieve a healthy and habitable planet for the next generations. The veterinary profession is aware of this principle and tries to apply it in its daily work improving animal health and welfare, public health, environmental protection, food production, food safety, and sustainable development.

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit the wonderful city of Taipei to enjoy its offer of first-class conference facilities, accommodation, culture, beauty and delicacies. The stunning island of Taiwan and its friendly people is waiting to welcome you with a smile and the local greeting: Lí Hó!

WVA President,

Rafael Laguens