18 Apr 2023

Essential collaboration agreement to promote a joint One Health response in Korea

On April 4, 2023, Dr Youngmee Jee, Director of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) and Dr Ju Hyung Hur, President of the Korea Veterinary Medical Association (KVMA), signed a collaboration agreement to prevent and manage not only zoonotic infectious diseases, but also infectious diseases transmitted by vectors (mosquitoes, ticks, etc.), foodborne infectious diseases, climate changes and antibiotic resistance in all aspects related to One Health.

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30 Mar 2023


On April 27 and 28, 2023, the ninth edition of the WVA Global One Health Summit will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, with the theme “The environment, an essential element of One Health”, within the 38th World Veterinary Association Congress framework.

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29 Mar 2023

New WVA Position Statement on One Health

WVA recognizes that the One Health concep should be present in veterinary education and encourages veterinary schools to conduct a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach with a One Health mind-set throughout the curriculum.

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VPP training in Uganda – Module 1 complete

WVA is developing the project “Sustainable Business in Animal Health Service Provision through training of Veterinary Paraprofessionals” in collaborating with EuFMD/FAO and HealthforAnimals for the professional development training for veterinary paraprofessionals in Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa. Uganda just completed the first Module!

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28 Feb 2023

Animal Welfare progress in India

ISAE, the International Society for Applied Ethology organized it second workshop dedicated to Animal welfare progress in India at CSIR-IGIB (South Campus, Mathura Road) in New Delhi on 28 January. The event was held in hybrid format and welcomed a total of 260 registrants.

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Two new WVA Position Statements on Animal Welfare published

WVA recently published two Animal Welfare Position Statements! With these two Statements we call on our members to advocate for pain recognition and management of farmed animals, and on countries to have a regulatory framework for humane care of animals in biomedical research.

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24 Feb 2023

Help Turkish veterinarian’s efforts for reconstruction!

The Turkish association has opened two financial aid bank accounts, one in EUR and the other in USD. Donations will be used for: veterinary clinics reconstruction, meet urgent needs or local veterinarians, aid the families and children of the colleagues who lost their lives, support veterinary students who's families are in the earthquake area and located in different cities.

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