3 Mar 2022

World Wildlife Day 2022

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Wildlife habitat encroachment and wildlife trade are human activities that could be managed.  Veterinarians should advocate for the establishment of feasible controls on wildlife marketing through enhanced public awareness, and the promotion of sustainable biodiversity management and enforcement of agreements, laws and regulations.  

Dr Noel Miranda, a member of the WVA One Health Strategic Focus Group says

As veterinarians and One Health practitioners, we need to better understand animal-human-environment interfaces and how to overcome the persistent problems related to wildlife degradation.  We need to proactively generate Nature-based Solutions in addressing the drivers of pandemics and EIDs and ecosystem health deteriorations at large, e.g., irresponsible wildlife and livestock trade and production.  Let us set quantifiable targets on reduction of biodiversity degradation and EID risk, as we progress with this urgent mission.

The WVA Position Statement on Zoonoses Emergence in Relation to Wildlife Disruption and Trade can be found here.