28 Mar 2024

WVA and Brooke’s hosted a webinar to present the Essential Veterinary Medicines List (EVML)

WVA and Brooke hosted a webinar to publicly present the Essential Veterinary Medicines List (EVML) for food producing animals on the 26th of March. The meeting was attended by 210 participants from all over the globe, among veterinarians, international animal health agencies, pharmaceutical industry and policy makers. This collaborative effort from WVA and Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys means a significant advancement in animal health but most importantly in One Health.

The webinar provided an in-depth overview of the EVML, outlining its objectives and the rationale behind its creation, as well as its pathway moving forward. The Q&A part brought forward important questions on access and supply of veterinary medicines, and regulatory intricacies, emphasizing the immediate need for collaborative solutions.

The EVML is now opened for a six-month public feedback phase, welcoming comments and suggestions from global stakeholders and individuals alike. Moving forward, an expert committee will convene every two/three years to ensure the EVML remains pertinent and effective in addressing emerging animal health challenges. The EVML tool is an open collaborative free resource, encouraging involvement from the broader veterinary and scientific communities. Feedback is welcomed to enhance its influence and usefulness.

Essential veterinary medicines are those that meet the primary healthcare and welfare needs of food producing animals. The EVML acts as a research-based framework for countries to create tailored lists that suit their specific contexts. The EVML presently encompasses 270 medicines grouped in 11 categories that relate to porcine, large ruminants, goats, sheep and equines. Phases 2 and 3 are in progress, extending the list to include poultry, rabbits, aquaculture, and bees.